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How To Focus And Defocus An Image Object Using Your Android

You may have seen photos that snaped from professional camera or edited by some great softwares, those softwares commonly got a feature that let user focus and defocus on a specific thing. That feature makes sure that which thing user want to show everyone and it also gives professonalizm to the image. However, this background blur technique is not available in many android smartphones camera but there is a one app exist that grow the power of android pictures. Whether you want to make your pics shallower or focus and defocus on a particular object , this following google play store app do it for you.

App named Google camera has an option called Lens blur that let you increase or decrease the blur in picture. After installing this app, go to your default camera app and check your recent clicked photos, you will see the options underneath of your photo. There is an button that looked like Picasa logo, Click on that option and edit your pic by using a silder. You should have to tap on an image where you want to focus. Move that slider left or right to increase and decrease the blur. After complete your changes, hit on done button.

Along with this feature, Google camera also contains feature such as joint pictures together like panorama click, fisheye photos, Photo sphere and more. Download the Google Camera App from play store.


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