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Get Wikipedia Articles In Simple And Plain Language

Wikipedia contains all type of popular and knowledgable stuff but sometimes it become too complicated. Its quite difficult for a person to read full wikipedia article who has not deep knowledge about english or maybe for children, students and non-native english readers.

For those who are not comfortable with hard english, Wikipedia created its another part called Simple wikipedia. This is created for the purpose to help those people who are still learning english and wants information direct to the point without going too deeply in any topic.

You have to visit the Simple Wikipedia and just search your topic by using top placed search button. Wikipedia trying to improve the website by adding new articles in it. All the stuff written here in easy to understand with simple use of grammer. Simple wikipedia might doesn't got some of the content which is available in normal wikipedia because it has almost 1 million topic that is not even half of wikipedia articles but apart from this, most of the time i found my needed article on simple wiki.


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