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Skype Launches Its Beta Version Of Speech Translator This Year

Microsoft plans to launch the beta version version Skype Speech Translator in the end of this year. This will be first available as a Windows 8 beta app. According to recent microsoft post, with this new update skype will become a beautiful way to make meaningful connection between peoples.

The translator is an offshoot of a research project at Microsoft designed to provide fluent, cross-lingual conversations between speakers of different languages. It is an example of why Microsoft invests in basic research, Pall wrote.

This new translator will help and connect those people who are unable to talk with each other beacuse of their native language. Apart from this, it also become useful for business deals, education, diplomacy and so on. “It’s been a dream of humanity ever since we started to speak and we wanted to cross the language boundary,” said Nadella.

Via :- Microsoft demos breakthrough in real-time translated conversations


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