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Top Four Best Web Browsers For Android Smartphones

Almost everybody commonly use their android device for checking out the internet because of android classy interface and good performance. The old phones internet speed and its browsers does not sufficient for modern web. You probably using opera mini in your android device as a default browser. Its fast but has lack of some important features like streaming video quickly, full page view or supporting flash. Here i listed some top rated android browser that has excellent abilities and they give you quite better internet experience than any other browser. Lets have a look.

Dolphin Browser :- Dolphin is a best browser available in android apps market. People consider it one of the awesome browser for smartphone and that result it has over 10,000,000 downloads. You will love the speed of the browser and its effective look. Dolphin allows you to add favourite websites in your speed dial and manage them in one click. You may add your own gesture for access your most visited websites. Next up, you can create new tabs for accessing different websites, you will find all your added tabs on the top of your screen. Dolphin contains different type of colors themes, skins and wallpapers according to the user taste. Send your data between your smartphone and desktop such as phone numbers, links, maps and so on. You can also share links with your nearby friends over wifi network. For making browsing faster, dolphin offers you an app that speed up your browsing named Dolphin Jetpack. After installing Dolphin Jetpack, you can enable this in your browser settings. For adding extra features in your browser, Dolphin also provides you add-ons like I Dolphin Reader, I Bettery Saver, I Dolphin Brightness, I Dolphin Show IP, I Dolphin Ultimate Flag and much more.

UC Browser :- UC browser is a first choice of more than 500 million users globally. This browser known for its fast speed and quick downloading. You would feel amazing to browsing on Uc browser. One more thing i noticed in this browser is it saves a lot of internet data rather than other smart browsers. Unlike others alternatives, this browser has rare case of hanging and crashing. All your files can well-organized on its clean download manager. It also supports cloud downloading and multi tasking feature. Feature like Auto-pager let automatically loaded next page before you completed the previous one. You can select your custom photo or choose it from the UC center for decorating browser with themes and wallpapers. Moreover, user can select any page for offline reading. Uc developers also focused on the eyesight of users, so they added a button called dark mode that let user to read and browse pages in night without gives any stress to eyes.

Firefox Browser :- You may familier with the Firefox browser in your desktop. The deveolper also tried to create firefox in android phone. Latest update of this android browser made it more convenient than previous version. It stands out for fast internet browsing and some professional touches. It comes with HTML 5 and Web APIs feature support. You can cleanly operate your speed dials on browser homescreen. Firefox paid special attention to its security settings for staying privacy safe. You may transfer any intermet stories and articles into browser for reading it later. Aside from it, firefox allows you to synchronize all important bookamrks, passwords, history and tabs to another devices. Likewise other browsers, you can also add add-ons in this browser such as Auto Pager, Adblock Plus, Dr.Web LinkChecker, Tubespot, Hootbar, LastPass password manager and much more.

Chrome Browser :- Chrome is an often used browser for desktop as well as for android phones. The Speed and Standability of the browser is good but to be honest i observed that it hangs sometimes and won't come back until i force close the app. The other major problem is its large in size, and consistenly covers device memory after download. Aside from that , Chrome has many wonderful features which became it best browser. Similar to firefox, it can synchronize your passwords, open tabs and bookmarks to your laptop or other mobiles and make streamline your browsing. You can create tabs as many as you want and quickly move between them by just swipping on the toolbar. Furthure more, Chrome contains language translator that converts any webpage in your native language. The search box is looking good and works great, you may search your any query with voice search. By selecting Incognito mode, you can browse privately without saving websites history.


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