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Microsoft Improves OneNote App For iPhone And Mac Users

OneNote is a decent app for creating and sharing digital notes effictively. Microsoft announced that they added some new features in OneNote App for both iPhone and Mac users. They said that this change will make the app more powerful and will improve the user experience than previous. If you are familier with the app then update the new version on iPhone app store or Mac app store

New Abilites For iPhone

They reduce the app size almost 20% , also redesign the app and make it more elegant on iOS 7. You can now create new notebook and share it with others, all on the same page. They also built office lens in this new update. Just take the picture of whiteboard or any document then Office lens will scan the picture and adds it to your notes. Aside from that, you are now able to create notebooks and share it with friends. With the plus sign that placed at the bottom of the right corner, let you add as many quick notes as you want in just one click.

New Abilities For Mac

User can give the display name to their links that are too long and sometimes its hard to guess that where the link drives you, so it makes efficient to manage all the links. Microsoft added a format printer in app that apply the same text formatting to all your notes. Moreover, it comes with a feature which will help mac users to drag and drop images directly to their notebook. In addition you can do some small adjustments to images like restoring and rotating image. You can also print your notes, recipes and documents by choosing the print dialog from the menu. In fact you can also save your page in your app as a pdf file.

Read more in detail on Microsoft blog :- OneNote updates for iPhone and Mac answer top requested features


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