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The Most Popular Tech Websites On The Internet

If you are looking for most popular and informative tech websites on the internet, then you may find your best website in this post. All below websites are publish posts many times in a day. It might help you to solve any complicated tech issue and also gives you guidence related to technology. Whether you want to read the interesting news about tech or need any information regarding to tech industry, you will get all info on these websites. However, i collected all websites according to its reputation on internet, people reviews and on my personal experience. Lets jump in.

Cnet :- Cnet has very strong grip on technology news and guides. Its an American company launched in March 5, 1994 and got experience of 20 years on internet. Cnet gets millions of visitors every month. It covers podcasts, forums, gadgets reviews, blogging, news, articles and so on. They also owned domains such as download, upload, chat, search, downloads.com and many more. Cnet network also including many popular websites like ZDnet and Mysimon.

Yahoo Tech :- Yahoo Tech is one of the best place where you get free tech news and articles. It established on 2014 in the month of January. Users can rate and give their opinions to products. Moreover, with feature like 'My Tech' people able to research on products. Plus its a large no of people community that give advices regarding to technology.

Toms Hardware :- Toms hardware offers you professional guide of computer hardware, news, price comparisons of products, video tutorials and tech news. Toms hardware launched in 1996 by a german doctor name Thomas Pabst. It is a high-tech online network where you will get info related to graphics cards, CPUs, Motherboards, Tablets, Monitors and so forth.

Gizmodo :- Gizmodo is a blog that publishes tutorials of latest devices and technology. Gizmodo gets large number of traffic every month, almost 100 million page views and also generated good amount of revenue . Geof Manaugh is an editor in chief of Gizmodo networks. Gizmodo often publish interesting posts that talking on tech industry.

The Verge :- Verge is founded by Vox media in 2011. Joshua Topolsky is a creater of this online magazine. It covers breaking news, entertainment, tech news, product reviews and podcasts. Apart from technology, this website includes articles on science, culture, business and design.

Engadget :- Engadget is a first option of large number of people to read techie things. There are a lot of popular magazines that mentioned engadget in their articles and consider it as a best blog on web. Its exists in six different international languages. Engadget came online on web in March, 2004 and currently owned by AOL Inc. Engadget basically offers you reviews of gadgets, live events, social media news and more.

Wired :- Wired is also know as Hotwired. Its operating from USA and active on web since 1993. Scott Dadich is an editor in chief of this site. There are more then 50 writers working on this american magazine. They mainly works on 12 different categories which are - business, design, gadget lab, opinion, enterprise, reviews, raw file, playbook, lifestyle, autopia, danger room and science.

Digital Trends :- Digital Trends continuously provide us latest prices, internet news, camera reviews, phone reviews, cars reviews, gaming and social media news. It is active on web since 2001and has been operated by the owner Ian Bell. It is currently one of the best online technology network.

ZDnet :- ZDnet focused on IT professional issues and show you what interesting happened on tech industry. You can find here what currently trending on internet. It featured topics like product reviews, events and other tech topics. ZDnet posting articles since 1991 and published by CBS interactive.

Gizmag :- Gizmag is a famous tech leading industry that gets over 4 million visitors per month. You will see here the commentry on modern gadgets and Digital world. Aside from that, gizmag also includes articles of science, aircraft, electronics, lifestyle, military, motorcycles, automotive, health and much more.

Tech Republic :- It is an online community of IT professional and IT decision makers. Tech Republic was founded by Tom Cottingham and Kim Spalding in 1997. Its a one of the major network of CBS interactive that shares stuff on software, mobiles, google, microsoft, yahoo and some other topics.

iMore :- iMore mainly giving attention in iOS field. Its a large source of guides on iPhone, iPad and Apple. Next, it also provides gadgets tips and podcasts daily. Categories like games, apps, forums, accessories, reviews and contests might help you to solve any technical problem . You will get the expert help regarding to any iOS issue in their large community. Rene Ritchie is the editor-in-chief of iMore and he is also a producer of mobile nations broadcasting network.

GSM Arena :- Need review of any specific smartphone ? then GSM Arena is a best place for you. There is a big number of people community exist here that discuss topic of mobile reviews. GSM Arena also show you full specifications of phones and their prices. You may compare devices with each other.

Anand Tech :- Anand Tech is a computer hardware magazine started by a guy Anand as a hobby, when he was 14. Today's date this is the one of the popular site that contains information of CPU, Desktop reviews, Motherboards and computer hardware. You will also get deep details of other computer components.

Geek :- Geek.com is a very old leading tech company on internet. Its online on web since 1996, founded by Joel Evans and Rob Hughes. This site feature the latest tech news, hardware and software reviews, gadgets, apps and other geeky stuff. Apart from technology, science and culture categories also includes helpful articles.

Tech crunch :- Tech crunch is a large source of great blogging articles, tech industry news, social media stuff, reviews on web products, startups and so forth. There are more than two millions followers of tech crunch on social networking websites. You will get most of the unique tech articles on this website.

The Next Web :- TNW intoduced to web in 2008 and got stuff on business, culture and of cource tech news. With more than 6 million unique visitors every month, it become a very popular online web magazine. It also owned blog, events and shift magazine. There are many big authorities on web who recommended this website.

Tech2 :- Check your daily dose of tech products, mobile comparisons, social media news, stuff analysis, gadgets reviews, hardwares etc. It is a widest technology media brand that provides content and videos to various tv channels and shows such as CNN-IBN, Awaaz and IBN 7.

Mashable :- Mashable is a most engaged digital network in the world.This site established in 2005 by Pete Cashmore. Mashable publishes nearly everything about any certain field. It is a one-stop shop for all of your technology needs. The site mainly focused on social media networks, technology news, entertainment stuff, web development and so on.

Techradar :- When i'm looking for some deep guide regarding any tech issue, i mostly come to techradar. I gernally most of the time get techradar post on first page of google. No matter if you need any article of mobile reviews, tech news and opinions, this site is always ready for you.

Technorati :- Technorati updates articles on internet business, content marketing and more. This site is not mainly focused on posting articles, its basically an internet search engine for blogs that place worldwide blogs according to the popularity in their database. It indexed more than a million blogs. You can get here trending posts around internet on 'Hottest blogosphere items' section.

Ars Technica :- This site covers wide range of science, gaming, tech and internet news. Ars techinca is an online community built in 1998 by Ken Fisher and Jon Stokes. You would see the gadget reviews, software and hardware information. It is also a trusted source of tech policy analysis and breakdowns.

All Things Digital :- Get the live commentry on latest things in tech industry. It publish almost 5-6 posts daily. All things digital specialized in technology, analysis and coverage. It is the one of the famous among the business and tech communities. Its a fusion of media styles, various formats and sources.

Boy Genius Report :- BGR is a weblog that offers gadgets and technology news. You will find breaking news on gadgets and effective how-to guides. Its an american well known leading tech blog that focused on mobile and general consumer electronics markets. It started by an internet personality Jonathan Geller that now also known as 'Boy Genius'.
Business Insider:- Business insider born in 2009.Henry Blodget is a founder of this online newsroom. He also previously worked on Wall Street. In a short time this magazine gained sufficient popularity. This site collects top news stories of business and tech from around the web.

Daily Tech :- Daily tech shares tech stuff many times in a day. It is created by AnandTech editor Kristopher Kubicki in 2006. Daily tech contains up-to-date tech news, gadgets details, software & hardware info and science content. Due to its fast-moving content, Daily tech also reaches to people via public portals and forums.

Giga Om :- Om Malik introduced this website to the web in 2006. It offers credible analysis of emerging technologies. You can get the mobile phones news, breaking news about tech, applications , VOIP and much more. GigaOm provides well-written, deep-detailed and proper-researched content.

I4U :- This website will show you trending stories on internet, the site specially made for geeks. i4u daily updates new game launches and opinions. Its also a good option for game lovers. You may also see the hot gadgets topics, entertainment news and latest gadgets rumores.

NYT Bits :- This is a world most popular newspaper 'New York Times' technology blog. NYT Bits daily publish posts on gadgets that newly came in the market. Apart from the mobiles, you can enjoy tech news related to other topics. They also offers an app for easy access.

PC World :- PC world is an electronic magazine that created by IDG company. It mainly offers reviews of products, business, printers, softwares and security. The how-to guides provided by PC world is really helpful to get the things done. Further more, you can see the other technology gadgets such as video cameras, audio devices and laptops.

Maximum PC :- Maximum PC is an american magazine launched by Future US. It is an unlimited source of computer hardware and software, Building a Pc, Windows, Gaming and much more. This site also brings tech stuff to the auidence such as Daily news updates, How-tos, Forums, Podcasts and Reviews .

Information Week :- This site collects information around the web. It provides tech media, live events and data services. It was created in 1979 and currently owned by UBM LLC. It generates stuff related to software, storage, mobility, tech news, internet and much more.

PC Mag :- Pc Mag created by Ziff Davis and one of the best magazine that evolved into a famous website in a short period. Its analysis and gadgets opinions help you to buy a better gadget from the market. Along with opinions, you can get a lot of more things like tech news, reviews of computer and mobile devices and business tips.

Life Hacker :- You may familier with life hacker. This website ranked very well on google. Its a weblog conatins with daily life hacks and software tips. You can find here tips regarding to Microsoft Windows, Linux, Os and Mac. Currently Gawker media running this website and the staff regularly update this with great tips and tricks.

Laptop Mag :- One of the best alternative of PC mag on the internet. Laptop Mag covers topics of ultrabooks, smartphones, vodeo tutorials, news and guides that how to done things. It helps millions of peoples to do smarter purchase of gadgets.

iLounge :- This site made for Apple fans. iLounge provides all things about iPhone, iPads, iTune softwares and much more. iLounge is also a place of forums, discussios, news and informative things.

eWeek :- eWeek is a business magazine that established in 1983. This publication is a mix of mobile devices, applications, cloud computing, trends and analysis. It helps IT professional to take decision and solve their issues.

Extreme Tech :-It is a website came with a mission to distributes tutorials of Linux, Windows 8, Automobiles, Intel ans PC Hardware. Extreme tech also a print magazine of book series such as How-to and Do-it-yourself.

Info World :- Infoworld is a community of IT professional and other auidence. It publishes content daily on hands-on reviews, hot news, interesting stories, in-depth analysis, application development, virtualization and many others.

Mac World :- Mac world experts help you to answer some unanswerable questions. It delivers the content in different formats and you may here see the commentary on the gadgets of tech industry.

Pc Pro :- With the expert tech writers, Pc Pro got content of cheap hardware, business, home retailers and more. Some of this website articles translated in local language and even copyrighted. PC Pro is a home of computer engineers and smart geeks.

Tech News World :- Get important tech news and insightful analysis in one place. This site dominates on trending stuff, internet guides and podcasts.

Hot Hardware :- You can already catch this website stuff by reading its name. Hot Hardware properly describes computer hardware, motherboards, graphics/sound, videos and IT & Datacenter.

Reuters Technology :- It is an international news agency situated in Unitied Kingdom. You can find here tech-related news, IT computer technology, mobile devices , business headlines and other alerts. Reuters Technology is commenly known for its trusted tech information.

Expert Reviews :- Especially made for showing intelligent gadgets and its price. This site also includes full reviews of mobile devices and other products such as Laptops, Printers, Digital cameras, Storage, Video cameras and Tablets.

Tech Dirt :- Tech Dirt is your ultimate source of technology and legal issues that affect companies to grow and spread. It manages wireless news, start-ups and case studies. Tech Dirt also awarded by some famous online magazine such as Forbes and Business Weak. This is one of the site that comes under Technoroti Top 100 blog list.

New Egg :- New Egg is one of my personal favourite website that i check often. It is a most loved marketplace on internet that built content of software, hardware, smartphone reviews, computer components reviews and so on. New Egg is beneficial for e-buyers and geeks. Moreover, it already explained more than 10 million products.

Tech Tree :- Tech Tree is a india based leading tech company, launched in 2002. This site features the in-depth coverage of trends in tech. Like most of the other tech websites, it spread tech news, product reviews, previews and smartphones.

T3 :- It belongs to the products of tech industry like Smartphones, tablets, tv, digital cameras and other.T3 also provides the list of high standard apps and games. T3 keep their site up-to-date with latest news and experts advices.

BBC Tech News :- Read the news on big companies like google, apple and yahoo. Apart from news, BBC covers gadgets comparison, gadgets rumors, security issues and upcoming tech.


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