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Google Tweaks "Fetch As Google" Feature In Webmaster Tools

If you are an owner of any website or blog then you may use "Fetch As Google" tool to crawling webpages faster in search results. This is available in webmaster tools under "Crawl" section. Yesterday google has done some changes in fetch as google to make crawling properly and easy.

In order to render the page, Googlebot will try to find all the external files involved, and fetch them as well. Those files frequently include images, CSS and JavaScript files, as well as other files that might be indirectly embedded through the CSS or JavaScript. These are then used to render a preview image that shows Googlebot's view of the page.

— Google Webmaster Central

Now you can simply paste the url of any webpage without any hassle and click on fetch button to index the url or its linked pages. Furthurmore, the "Fetch as Render" button that newly added by google is created for the purpose of indexing other elements of pages such as Css and Javascript files. You just have to Fill the post url in blank box and hit on "Fetch as Render" button to render the page. Next wait for a moment to be processed. After that, click on the response row to see the results.

Via :- Rendering pages with Fetch as Google


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