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Attach LazeeEye With Your Android And Turns It Into A 3D Camera

If you are bored with your smartphone 2D camera and looking for something different then LazeeEye is an perfect solution for you to snap 3D pictures. LazeeEye is a hardware add-on that let you click 3D images instantly. You just have to attach this ad-on with your smartphone and then you are ready to enter in 3D world.

After connecting this device to your android, it will use the processing power of your smartphone for making 3D pictures. Today's 2D camera only get image without any depth information but this new add-on will give you depth information of captured picture. You can see the following advantages mentioned by Heuristic Labs

1. Capture models of objects or people for 3D printing or CAD modeling
2. Make absolute 3D measurements from the photo - for, construction and remodeling, interior design, clothes shopping, etc.
3. Remove objects or people outside a given depth - eliminate "photo bombers," remove the background scene from photos, replace the background scene
4. Change the angle or lighting of the photo after the fact
5. More easily perform a variety of photo editing ("photo-shopping") effects, with the aid of the image depth channel
6. Implement augmented reality games, or play existing augmented reality games
7. Much, much more - just search the web to see what people do with 3D sensing, and imagine how these applications could translate to or enhance mobile device apps.

This is basically a project started by Heuristic Labs. They needed fund to complete the last development stages of LazeeEye. Since it already pledged with $193,897 and has goal to reach $250,000. If you want to support the LazeeEye add-on then you can pledge money on this link :- LazeeEye: Turn Your Smartphone Into a 3D Camera


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