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How To Create A Mobile Version Of Website Using Third Party Tools

As a websiter owner, you should have to focus sometimes on website design on visitors demands, so they can view your website when they operate their smartphones and away from the desktop. If you are tired by applying different types of blog templates to your blog but nothing worked or looking for the mobile friendly design that quickly apply over website without any hassle then here is some third party tools that might give you the solution of proper responsive web design. The following mobile website builders comes with free as well as paid options. Lets have a look

Create Mobile Version Of Website

Dudamobile :- Dudamobile is a first choice of many people who want website design for mobile or other small and big screen devices. Its has a strong grip on responsive design since 2009. DM is a partner of many high level companies like Yahoo, Google, Godaddy and OpenTable. It cost around 9 dollar per month for its whole service and also known for the affordable price. You will get most of the features free in it. It offers you 10 pages if you go for a free option, for unlimited pageviews and pages you should have to choose the premium plan. Moreover, Dudmobile also provides you mobile conversion button on the home page that help you to easily take the advantage of tool. By just hitting on one button, you are ready to customize your mobile site as your way.

Create Mobile Version Of Website

Onbile :- Onbile is great platform to design mobile websites. It basically a cloud computing system that let you construct design by yourself and doesn't required any programming knowledge to build the site. Onbile claims that the site generated by them is totally user-friendly and smooth touch browsing throughout all the connected devices. Onbile supported any type of screen resolution and fully optimized for any browser. It has decent range of mobile templates you can select one of them that suits your need. It also provides you a custom-generated script that you have to put into your page and when a mobile user click on your site link it will automatically drive to the mobile site. Its professional plan will cost you around $10 per month. You can check out all the prices on this Plans & Prices page.

Create Mobile Version Of Website

Wirenode :- Wirenode is a free for those who don't want to spend a penny for mobile friendly version. You can place images and show your creativity to make your custom design. Its mobile page editor tool help you do things like place a logo, customize pages, select colors and so on. The site hosted by wirenode is easy to naviagte and fast loaded. You can either operate the site on your domain or also able to run the site on wirenode.mobi. It helped more than 50,000 websites to create an elegant website. Furthuremore, it can only do free-hosting of one mobile site and also gives you other important features such as mobile widgets and statistics. Apart from free version, its paid plan starts from $6.68 and ends on $259 and comes with upgrades like no advertisements on the site, SMS credits, custom domain and host many number of sites.


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