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How To Protect Your Eyes From Too Much Screen Brightness In Android

If you are also one of the those guy who commonly use android smartphones for daily routine then you may familiar with the brightness of your screen. There is a button to adjust the screen brightness in notification bar but it reduced brightness in limited amount and that is not sufficient if you browse the web at night. The other issue with bright screen light is it may causes problems like weak eyesight and eye redness. You can control over your smartphone brightness more effectively with a small app that exists in android apps market. Let me tell you about it.

The app called 'Dimmer' is a perfect app for adjusting brightness of android phone screen. After installing it, click on the app icon and simply adjust the light with your figure by scrolling up and down. In following screenshot, i set my phone brightness 34 out of 100. For more options, click on the setting button that placed top right side of the app.

After jump into the settings, tick the 'Widget Mode' button for bright or dim the screen in one click (You can get dimmer widget in your device widgets section) Next, the widget 'Auto Mode' automatically change the light of your phone screen according to the sunlight or dark environment. You may change the Auto Mode settings as your needs. User can set their custom time to dim or brighten the screen. Apart from that, you will get the button in notification bar that help you to increase or decrease the brightness without open the app. There are four more options in settings which are hide icon on status bar, buttons arrangement, range of adjustment and step of adjustment. You may change the color of phone screen light with color filter.

This is an only excellent app i found on google play store for this purpose. You can install it from here :- Dimmer


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