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How To Clean The Background Of Whiteboard Pics

Suppose you created a drawing on your whiteboard and decided to share the snap of whiteboard on social media or somewhere else. I think the first problem you will face is the quality of the picture. Whether we have a phone that has high resolution camera or not, the picture of whiteboard which we taken from our smartphones is always come out in unclean way. I mostly notice that its background becomes quite black like below.

You can properly clean the whiteboard pitcures background with an online tool called Snapclean. This is a free of cost service that clean the background of your Whiteboard or Napkin Snapshots. The interesting part of this website is you don't need to upload your picture or registar an account to take the advantage of tool. You just have to send an email on (doodle[at]snapclean[dot]me) with the picture of your whiteboard. Next, wait for some minutes until the Snapclean team completes their work. After everything, they will send you an email with the new picture.

You can visit the website for more information regarding to tool :- SnapClean


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