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Google Presenting A New Classroom For Teachers

If you are a teacher then you can now take the advantage of technology to become a smart educator. Google is going to launch a new education platform for teachers to share and teach things in a more better way.This is basically a tool in google apps called "Classroom" that help teachers to provide knowledge to students conveniently. Classroom allows educator to connect with Google drive, Docs and Gmail to create projects and also helps you to generate and collect assignments without write it down on paper. Let me tell you some benefits of classroom.

With Classroom, teacher can create a copy of their documents for every students and able to share with them. Teacher can also see that whether the students completed their work or not. This new platform automatically generate google drive folders for each assignment. Classroom let teacher to ask questions and make announcements and communicate with students in real time. Google told that classroom will be available in September for any school but teachers and professors can apply for a preview. There are much more features exists in classroom, get them all from here :- More teaching, less tech-ing

Source - Previewing a new Classroom


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