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How To Check Your Internet Connection Speed Online

Mostly when you signed up for a broadband connection, they offers you internet speed upto 7MB per second or 10 MB per second but in reality you may not getting those kind of speed. You can calculate the internet speed by testing it online. Whether you want to check your internet speed for knowing purpose or you seems that your internet connection is slow and it causes problems like downloading files and loading webpages, then here is some helpful internet speed checkers that might give you an idea that which network is suitable for you for a high speed internet.

1. Testmy:- This bandwidth service established in 1996 and have millions of satisfied customers. The result of this tool is mostly accurate and this thing made it one of the best internet speed checker. It help you to detects connection, browser and operating system issues that you will not find on any other speed testing service. You can either do download and upload test separately or combined. Testmy claims that no matter if its Fiber, Cable, DSL , Mobile Broadband, Satellite or Dial - up they will give you reliable results.

2. Speed Test Online :- It is a simple tool that check the speed of bandwidth in seconds. Just click on the button that says "Test your bandwidth speed now!" and it will test ISDN, DSL, Cabel modem and your network connection speed.

3. Bandwidth Place :- Check your phone, pc, desktop and any other device speed that supported internet. You will love the unique design of this tool. After clicking on right side placed 'Test' button, you will get the download and upload results. You may choose any other server from the list of server locations. Apart from test, you can check out the articles available on the site to improve the internet speed.

4. Test My Speed:- To get the results, click on the 'Start test button' and it will show you downloading and uploading speed of your network. You may get accurate results by following some simple steps such as close other browser tabs and stop the application that connected to the internet.

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