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Facebook Let You Share What You Watching Or Listening On Your TV

In few days you will see a latest feature in your facebook account that help you to do something new by updating your timeline. Facebook told that mostly people like to write the posts of about how they feeling right now and other activites. According to a recent post of facebook newsroom, there are more than 5 billion people who updates their status for showing the check in such as "Me at the coffee shop and drinking an iced coffee" or "Me at the cinema and watching movie - The Hulk".

Facebook now trying to make the conversations more real and covenient. They will shortly add a new feature that detect a match of Music track, TV show or Movie by its sound. It means you can quickly attach your favourite song that playing or the show you watching on your TV with your post. Now when you write a status update, a new audio icon will be show on your screen that identify the song or movie with the help of your device microphone.

You can change the privacy that who can see the song or movie and also able to switch off and on the feature. This feature will be rolling out in next weeks.

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