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How To Index Your Website Newly Published Posts Quickly

When you publish a new written post on your site then first thing always come in mind that lets index this post on google. Google offers a tool named 'Add URL' that help us to index webpages in search engine. But i noticed one thing is the pages that i submited through 'Add URL' takes almost 10 to 12 hours to index. If you are familier with google webmaster tools then you are able to index your any website page in seconds. Lets see some following steps to do this.

1. First visit to Google Webmaster Dashboard.

2. Click on the button that says "Crawl"

3. Now click on the button "Fetch as a google"

4. Paste your webpage URL in blank field which you want to index in google and next click on fetch button. After this, wait for few seconds and you will notice your post in google search results

You can leave the field blank to fetch the homepage. Along with your webpage, you can also index those other websites pages who linked to your URL.


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