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Top Three Password Manager For Android Phone

If you have an account on online forums, shopping websites, online banking and soical networking websites then you must have to remember all different passwords for login. It probably risky if you choose one password for all your accounts. Weak and Short password makes work easy for hackers to crack the security. Password that consist letters, symbols and numbers is hard to guess, but its difficult to memorize. You can store your all web profiles and bank accounts important data in your android device in minutes. There are some cool password managers apps on google play store that submit your passwords safely and ensure that you don't have to carry long passwords in your mind. Lets have a look on following password managers.

1. aWallet (Both Free and Paid) :- aWallet is a familier password manager app for android users. Since it got more than 500,000 downloads. You can easily store your personal information, web accounts passwords, bank accounts data, credit card information and more in seconds. You may search any word related to your all data in its search box. It has default six categories :- Computer logins, Credit cards, E-banking, E-shops, Email accounts and Web accounts. You may create your own category and put your custom icon to it. The design of this app is simply good and it doesn't contains any kind of advertisment. For safety you have to store your all data as a encrypted file in SD card. Unlike other apps, it doesn't want any internet access, so your data is fully secure with it. The only thing is to remember you is the master password which allow the permission to open the data.

2. Password Manager (Both Free and Paid) :- Password Manager is a simple and straight to the point app. You can add as many passwords as you like. The file size of this app is just 695 KB, Moreover its work is very effective. Password manager can import/export your all data in encrypted file for backup. Like aWallet it doesn't required internet permission for accessing the app. After exiting the app or turning the screen off it automatically gets locked. You must have to know your master password otherwise all your data goes into the water.

3. SecureSafe Password Manager(Both Free and Paid) :- This is an recommended app for those people who are very strict with their privacy. It protect your password from hackers and badwares under security experts. Your all data is fully secure under HTTPS secure connection. This app required internet permission but they give you promise that no one can access your data not even their employees. Likewise other apps it has all commenly used features. For more details you may visit this Secure Safe official website


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