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How To Host Your Css And Javascript Files

You may have seen many css and javascript files providers on internet. But there are some hosting providers who has virus or malware in their database or in server. It may harm your file or site reputation. Host your important files on 3rd party website is quite uncomfortable. You Should have to check the site reputation on WOT( Web Of Trust) website before using it. WOT will tell you that either the other people trust on a same website or not.

Hosting your css and javascript files is an easy task. You just need to have an dropbox account to run your files in your blog/website. After creating the account on dropbox, upload your css and javascript files in your account. Next move your files in 'Public' folder. Copy the link of your files. You files are ready to run in action. Just remove the 'WWW' with 'dl' and put it in your browser url address bar and load your file. You may see this figure below.

Add your generated dropbox url in <script src='YOUR-DROPBOX-FILE-URL' type='text/javascript'/> and put it in your template under <head> section. You must have to change 'WWW' with 'dl' otherwise it will not work. (Note:- dropbox only host css and javascript files, it doesn't host your php files)


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