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Top Four Well known Encyclopedia Websites

We always have curiosity to know more and more things. Peoples daily read books, newspaper, magazines and other things to grow their knowledge. Mostly peoples use internet to interact with peoples through social networking websites. Apart from connecting, presently internet also become one of the major source of knowledgeable stuff. Sometimes we want more deep knowledge on any topic of our project. Then internet surely is a place who has the right solution. There are many internet encyclopedia websites on web, but below i listed four sturdy and long-familiar websites that contained large amount of articles which might help you to get what you need.

1. Wikipedia :- If you search any relevant topic on google, you'll found wikipedia website link on the first page of search results. Wikipedia is a highly popular website recommended by many wise people. It started on January 15, 2001 by Jimmy Wales. Wikipedia contains over 30 million articles on its website. It gets more than 18 billion pageviews per month and has over 21,051,509 accounts. This website is available in 276 languages. You don't need to do any sign up to enter the website, its optional. But for doing tasks like editing articles or uploading files, registration is required. Overall, this site has almost every topic what you want.

2. About.com :- About is an one of the finest Encyclopedia site after wikipedia. It has more than 20 topics and over 200 sub-topics. The content like videos, photos, articles of this website is posted by experts by doing deep research. About.com is founded by Scott kurnit on May 1, 1997. With its responsive design and hardwork, the website gets more than 90 million views every month. You probably like this website instead of wikipedia in some areas.

3. Encyclopedia.com :- Encyclopedia.com is owned by HighBeam Research. You can find lots of meaningful topics here. It has more than 20 topics including science, technology, history, plants, art, philosophy, everyday life, sports and more. Encyclopedia has over than 100 trusted sources which provide you right and reliable information. The information comes here from crediable sources like Columbia Encyclopedia and Oxford press. It also contain dictionaries, synonyms, abbreviations and maps. Furthermore, you may search your topic in 80 million articles on highbeam official website.

4. The Free Dictionary :- This is an american online Encyclopedia plus dictionary, started by Farlex inc. Like wikipedia, sign up is an optional thing for reading content here. The design of the website is quite gentle. Free dictionary provides 14 language to users for operating website. Since more than 6 billion viewers visit this site. In the homepage, it shows you word of the day with its meaning and synoname, Owner also place a spell and synonym checker on the right sidebar. Moreover, this site allows you to handle homepage design as your own way by just dragging and dropping the windows. Apart form this when you search something on its search box, It redirect you to the sub-domain of the website named Encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com, you'll get most of the articles of Wikipedia there.


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