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Best Android App That Help You To Create Rage Comics

Rage comics is a major source of laughter. Presently it become a part of our online community. You may have seen these comics on different social networking websites such as Facebook and Reddit. For those people who don't know about rage comic, It basically a photo including of funny faces, funny lines, LOL and more. Most of the people come on the social networking websites to enjoy these wonderful comics. You can find the rage comics all over the web, just search on google you'll find thousands of photos related to this. When you feeling sad or bored this is the right thing which will makes you happy. It stick in your mind, and you can recall it anytime for making your mood better. You may see the example below

There is an app exist in google play store that is totally suitable for creating awesome comics called Rage Comic Maker. It has more than 10 lakhs downloads on app store. This is the best comic app i have seen on android market so far. You can create your comics anytime without required any internet connection. After installing this app, you'll see interaction mode on the top right side of your screen, that comes with features like Draw mode, Line mode, Type mode and Eraser. On the other side, menu button have seven options which are - add image, save, object menu, drafts, pen width, pen color and the last called more. With add image button, you can select the different types of faces from different folders such as Happy faces, Laughing faces, Confused and more. You can either add your own image from gallery or SD card. Object menu allows you to Lock/unlock face, remove selected image and flip image vertically or horizontally. Furthur more, settings option help you to Grow panel counts, Draw grid and Rotate screen. You may share your created comic on different social media networks. This app is free of cost, if you are looking for app something like this then go ahead and download it.


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