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5 Best Gaming Keyboards For Computer Users

Whether you are a gamer or just use your computer for internet purpose, keyboard is a vital thing to maximize your computer experience. As a gamer, you must have to select your gaming keyboard wisely. With modern keyboards, we have more control over our computer and favourite games. The best thing in latest gaming keyboards is they give us full comfortability while playing games, and provide us some smart quick keys to handle computer handsomely. You may watch out some good keyboards in the market but in this post i'll show you five smart gaming keyboards that has classic features, sturdy looks and totally ready for double your gaming entertainment. Lets have a look.

Corsair Vengeance K95 (Price - $149.99 on Amazon) :- It is an one of the expensive keyboard in the market especially made for serious game lovers. The Corsair K95 has clean and sharp looks . Keybed color of this keyboard is black and built with aluminium. You'll get sufficient space between all your buttons. The layout of this keyboard is decent, it has 18 macro buttons on the left side of the keyboard (G1 to G18), a button to lock window screen while playing games, volume slider button, keybed backlighting buttons and other standard keys. K95 has a built-in where you can store your customization and profile data and run the data on any other computer. The response of its mechanical keys are very good. With its fully anti-ghosting technology, you can press multiple buttons at a time without worring to being read. It has a storng USB port on the back side of the keyboard for connecting mouse or any other device. Moreover, you can light up the backlight of ceratin buttons which you use while playing games.

SteelSeries Merc Stealth (Price - $66.88 on Amazon) :- Merc Stealth is a good option for playing games. It comes in three color options red, purple and blue. SteelSeries places gaming buttons on the left side of the keyboard. It gives you instant access over volume, audio and other buttons. By default it has pre-installed profiles for more than 150 games. The shape of the keyboard and buttons are built very smartly according to the user comfort. The normal keyboard commenly has 1,000,000-2,000,000 keystroke lifetime but its manufacturer said that it has more than 10,000,00 keystrokes. It has 2 additional USB ports right behind the keyboard. You can press 7 keystorke simultaneously with its anti-ghosting ability.

Corsair Vengeance K60 (Price - $108.66 on Amazon) :- K60 mainly focused on quality and straight forward features instead of backlight, macro key and LCD. Its body built with aluminium. The mechanical keys that put into this keyboard is powered by Cherry® MX which are known for its best quailty. The low operating force and sensitivity of this keyboard is awseome. Function keys that we use to playing games is painted with orange colour, that letting us to play game without looking down to click on the right keys.With this keyboard, they also provide you a replacement keycap tool which help you to replace the orange game keys with normal keys. Multimedia keys situated in one row above the numeric keys. The Ergonomic Wrist Rest placed underneath the left side of keyboard just hold the 10 black colour gaming keys in it (1 to 6 and W, A, S, D) for swaping with orange ones. Apart from it, it has USB pass-through connector with gold plated contacts. Like above keyboards, anti-ghosting feature also available in K60

Microsoft Sidewinder X4 (Price - $45.70 on Amazon) :- Sidewinder has a solid black color body and quite big in size. This is a budget keyboard that contains backlight keys, six micro keys in list, multimedia buttons and a calculator button. Multimedia buttons includes play/pause, previous track, next track and mute options.Typing work smooth and button sounds very quiet. You can press 26 keys at a time simultaneously with anti-ghosting. Its automatic profile switching feature automatically detects the game and applies your custom profile to the application or game. You may repeat the squence of macros keystrokes with automatic macros repetition, but it has no USB Port that present on above three keyboards.

Logitech G510s (Price - $79.99 on Amazon) :- Logitech G510s is a more advanced keyboard than other keyboards. Its design is made for only game lovers. G510s has very good response of USB and 500Hz (2 millisecond) report rate of keystrokes. There is an additional button inculde in the keyboard which letting you disable windows key in one click. Furthur more, G510s keys coated with Double CV for keys long life. The Fingerprint-resistant can make this keyboard classy for a long run. It has 18 macro keys on the left side of keyboard. Logitech place these macro keys into 3 groups of 6 keys each. At the top of the keyboard you'll find a headphone and mic jack. On the right side, top of the numeric keys, you can see the multimedia buttons. They also put a scroll bar under the mutimedia buttons for adjusting volume. Six keys (A, W, F, ctrl, Z, G) perfoms anti-ghosting features that let you do multiple moves in one action. G510s supports 16 million RGB color for backlight option. At the center of the top, Logitech added a 160×48 pixel LCD screen. In this screen, you can view the information related to the game or application.


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