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A Starter Guide To Google Webmaster Tools

Are you new for Google webmaster tools ? Or facing any difficulty to use certain features in GWT ? If yes, then I'm going to write a beginner guide to google webmaster tools which might help you to do things more effectively. GWT is a free service that contains features like index url of websites, alert you if your website targated by malware, improve the structure of website, showing website errors and so forth. For using this service you must check whether you are login into your gmail account or not and then visit this google webmaster tools homepage. Now submit your website link there by clicking on right side placed "Add a site" button. You may now see your website on screen, you can add sites as many as you like. You may direct add & remove user or delete any site from list by hitting on manage site button. Next, click on your website url and enter in Webmaster tools. If all the data of your website are showing in dashboard then its good, otherwise sometimes google takes time to added website data in webmaster tools.

Search Apperance

Structured data :- Structured data shows you error related to your markup data which you may see under your website pages in search engines. For example snippet for a mobile review post might shown the price of the mobile and users ratings in search results, and this help users to check the relevant content. Apart from it, you can see and improve your all structured data errors here.

Data Highlighter :- Add your webpages in this tool which you want to highlight in google search results. Data Highlighter can improve your site looks in search result listings. With this highlighter, google index and place your pages in search results with more attractive way. You cannot markup html and other codes of your website, you can only use this content to display:- articles, events, local business, movies, restaurants, products, software applications and TV episodes. This tool also helpful to get users attention to your webpages and increase traffic as well.

HTML improvements :- It tells you how to improve your website meta tags and title tags. It also detects duplicate meta and title tags from your website pages. You can also check out the non-idexable pages of your website here.

Sitelinks :- You may have seen sitelinks under other websites main url. Its basically a set of links which google put below the main url in search results for helping users to find the right content easily. For adding your urls, paste your post link on 'Demote this sitelink url' blank field and click on demote button. Do this same process for adding other website pages.You cannot add more than 500 urls for demoting. (Note :- Google takes few days to demoting your all pages in search results)

Search Traffic

Search Queries :- This tool tell you what people often search and click the webpages of your website in search results. You can check here total no of impressions, clicks, position and CTR of pages. You can also view the top pages of your website and its pageviews.

Links To Your Site :- Check who links to your site most and total number of website links. You can also see here most linked content of your website and how they linked.

Internal Links :- Search any internal link of your website and its views. You may also download the data of your internal links.

Manual actions :- If your site getting any problem in search results and do not perform as pastly did, then google suggest you some actions what you can do for your website. For example if your site is targated as spam or using any spammy techniques then google alert you here.

Google index

Index status :- It allows you to view the total indexed links of your website. You can also watch the indexed links that sorted by date in graph. You may check here Total urls, blocked urls by robots and deleted urls.

Content keywords :- The content keywords are those keywords that google found when crawling your pages. This tool show you what most significant keywords used in your website.
Remove urls :- Remove your website url which you wants to delete from search results. Click on create a new removal request and enter the link of page which you want to delete. You may cancel the request at any time.


Crawl errors :- In this feature, you will find two types of errors on page which are Site errors and URL errors. Site errors give you information related to your website DNS, Server connectivity and robots txt errors. URL errors tells you whether the page is successfully crawled or not. You can also check out the errors that desktop and smartphones users are facing.

Crawl stats :- It shows you activity of googlebot on your website.You can discover here pages crawled by google bot, kilobytes downloaded per day and time spent to downloading page.

Fetch as google :- With Fetch as google, you can crawl the pages of your wesbite in search results. You can index the page link of your webite and as well as those links who linked to your page. You can fetchs 500 links per week.

Blocked URLs :- The link which you don't want to index in google search then you can block that url here.

Sitemaps :- Its important to submit sitemap in google webmater tools. It makes easy for google bots to index your site pages and catch errors. You can submit sitemap by clicking on Add/submit sitemap button. After clicking on this button, paste this bracket text (/feeds/posts/default? orderby-updated) in blank field and hit on submit button. It takes almost two or three days to processed. For checking whether it working or not, click on the link you can find on 'Sitemaps(all content types)' section.

URL parameters :- This tool is using for detecting duplicate conent in your website. For example the two links of your site has same content then by using this feature, google bot show the rbest url in search results depending on page popularity and other factors. If you know properly about url parameters then use it otherwise it harm your website. Lets see what Google said about it - "Incorrectly configuring parameters can result in pages from your site being dropped from our index, so we don't recommend you use this tool unless necessary."


At the top of the right side, you can click on the gear icon that helps you to manage various types of options. It consists site settings, Change of address, Google Analystics property, Users & Site owners, Verification details and Associates. Settings is an important feature to handle website in more gracefully way.


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