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Google Makes It Easier To Find Creative Common Images

We cannot use images for our blog by just searching the term of image on google and take image which we like. Some images are copyrighted, so if we use it on our blog without permission then orignal owner must have right to complain. As a solution, google provide creative common images for there users since 2009. You can use these images freely. You have to open the advanced search page for get the public domains images.

But now you can easily take the advantage of this feature by clicking the search tools option below your google search box. Google add new option for their users to quickly access the advanced page. Choose one of the usage right "labeled for reuse", "labeled for commercial reuse", "labeled for reuse with modification" or "labeled for commercial reuse with modification". Mostly images comes from wikipedia creative commons. Make sure that you should mention the link to the owner and the source.

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