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An Easy Way To Download Youtube Videos

Youtube is a world famous video sharing website . Millions of peoples are currently using youtube. You can either stream or upload videos there. Yesterday when i watched a youtube video on my android device i wanted to download that video. But there is a no download link on youtube so i searched video on internet but unfortunately nothing found.

In the end i found this technique. With this technique, you can easily download youtube videos in any format on your mobile device. Lets get started


1. First Go to the Youtube.com

2. Next search the video you want to download

3. Go to the page url and write " ss " before youtube [m.ssyoutube.com/xyzkeo...] See this figure below.

4. Reload your current page and you will be automatically redirect to video download Page. Now you are able to download your video in every format 3gp, mp4, flv and more.

All done. This technique works in both mobile and desktop.


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