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Bored With Old Commenting System ? Try This

I think you must have tired from blogger old commenting system. It doesn't attract too many visitors to comment section. Wordpress has good variety of comment plugins. One of them is Comment luv plugin. You may have seen comment luv plugin enabled blogs. It basically a plugin which allows users to leave their post link in the end of their comment. It helps your readers to create a backlinks through your blog.

Every blog visitor must have a blog so its encourage them to leave a comment on the post. One downside of this plugin is that it may slow your blog page loading speed. You can easily add this plugin to blogger by following my given instructions. So let's get started


1. First open this website and sign up for a new account.

2. Go to your blog and download your blog template. Then come back to the site and upload your blog template by click on choose button.

3. Next copy the whole intense customize code.

4. Again go back to your blog dashboard > template > edit template > Select your whole template by pressing ctrl+f and delete it. Then paste your code which you have copied from intense website. Next hit on save template button.

5. Go back to the intense website and click on configure button.

6. After pressing the button you will redirect to your account page. Click on plugins tab and activate your comment luv plugin.

Its all done


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