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How To Easily Clean Bad Backlinks Of Your Website

Google includes many factor to place a website top or bottom in search results. One of the most important factor that google includes while ranking a post or website is incoming links made by other websites to your site. If you are lucky and websites like Wall Street Journal or New York Times links to your site then surely you will get lots of pageviews and chances to get first rank in google.

But on the other hand, if any spammy or low-quality site, links to you again and again then may be its possible it affect to your website ranking. For solution, there is a tool created by google called 'Disavow backlinks' that let you remove unwanted links on web that belongs to your site. If you want to check all the backlinks of your site then you can check them all in Webmaster tools under 'Search traffic' in 'Links to Your Site' section. Before get started, make sure that the link you will going to disavow is not a quality link otherwise it may harmful for your website.

First create a file as .txt in your hard drive. Now enter those spammy post/page url in your txt file where your website link is shared. You only have permission to place one link per line. If you want that google will ignore all your links that shared by the spammy domain then you can add that site like this "domain:example.com" in your file. You can see this following valid file example for better understanding.

# example.com removed most links, but missed these
# Contacted owner of shadyseo.com on 7/1/2012 to
# ask for link removal but got no response

The lines that started by # is just for description which is not necessary to be add and it will be ignored by google. The important thing is to paste the url of post in file which you give to google for disavow. After this, save your file and visit this disavow tool page. Next, select your website and click on disavow link button. Further upload your created txt file and give some time to google for process. Visit this Webmaster's support page for more - Disavow Link


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