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How To Create Safe And Secure Email For Kids

There are so much spam content all over the internet. Sometimes strangers send harmful and adult material to us without any permission. Its ok with those people who are not teenagers because they know how to handle bad guys but for a child, that spamy things may leave bad effect on his/her mind and may be your children are responding to unknown guys and also trying to interact them. For instance, if you are parents and worried about your kids that they are taking wrong advantage of internet world then here is a solution for parents to hold the internet reins in their hands.

Zilladog is a website that specially created for small kids who newly entered in online zone. The design of the website is fully suitable for children. On Zilladog website, you can sign up for a ZillaMail account in Tools section. Previously it contained only premium plan but now they are finally offering free email service. After registar an account on ZillaMail, you will have to define your child username and password. You may set up any infromation as private so it make sure your child will not share certain things with others or even with relatives. ZillaMail automatically detects virus and spam from messages and doesn't show that messages to kids without parents approval. Moreover, parents can make a copy of all incoming and outgoing messages.

If kids are facing problem to add username and password again and again then they will able to make ZillaMail as their homepage by just clicking a button in Tools section. Message editor includes feature such as change background color, customize the font size, attach images with messages, decorate it with different themes and so on. Along with email, this site also contains interesting games for kids to do fun in spare time. There are many more stuff in ZillaMail or you may choose premium plan to control more features. Grab an account on Zilladog website.


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