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Linkedin Added A New Feature "How You Rank" That Ranks Your Popularity

You may familiar with one of the best social networking website Linkedin that growing faster in these days. Its a place for both geeks and job seekers. The feature named 'Who viewed your profile' is a professional feature that i love the most on linkedin. This ability shows you those persons accounts who looked at your profile. But now linkedin tried to make its platform more convenient by input a new tool "How You Rank"

Its basically a feature that ranks you among your network depends on profile pageviews. You can get the hint that how you can rank well from others by viewing top profiles. On the right side, linkedin also provides you suggestions like create content, join groups and complete profile that let you get more pageviews.

You can get more about this tool on linkedin blog :- Make the Most of Who’s Viewing Your LinkedIn Profile with ‘How You Rank’


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