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Top Services That Shrink Url

Shortening url technique made our sharing link purpose very easy. We can now easily shrink the longest url in some words. Mostly peoples used short url on twitter or other services which severely the limits of characters that peoples used in messages.

These short urls are easy to memorize, distrubte and type-out. Short url contened with a unique key for example (http://tinyurl.com/n2m3at). Peoples can easily copy paste this urls without too much trouble and share them with thier friends. Short urls are more convenient for website owner and for a book or magazine publisher. Web developers mostly used this technique for command structures and transaction paths. I have listed below some websites which might help you to shrink your url.

1. TinyURL :- Tiny url is a very old service since 2002. It serving billions of redirects per month. For making url short, just fill your url in box and click on make it tiny button. You may check your url by clicking on preview button that how its look. Provided url will never expired and breakable. URL provided by this service contains 25 characters. Apart from this, tiny url also offer their users a toolbar button. You have to drag this button to your links toolbar then when you click on this button a tinyurl will be automatically created for a page you are currently at.

2. Bitly :- Bitly serves short urls since 2008. Bitly created more than 70 millions links every day. It is similar to tinyurl but comes with more features. It contains 20 characters in its short url. Bitly is much famous on twitter and microblogging websites. It uses HTTP 301 redirects for its links which means its urls will never expired. Bitly also track that who clicked on your urls and who followed them. You can use its bookmarklet for easy access.

3. Is.gd :- Is.gd is also a better option for url shortening work. It shorten up the non-web url (e.g ftp://) as well. You can shorten up the url which is less than 5000 characters. Like above services, the generated url given by this service will never expired and offers you bookmarklet. You can preview your generated url by adding a hyphan after it. Example:- Generated link is (http://is.gd/vRG9nY) and its preview (http://is.gd/vRG9nY-)


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