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How To Run Youtube Videos In The Background Of Your Android

Suppose you are watching a youtube video on your android device and a notifcation come, After checking the notification,when you go back to your youtube video it automatically stop playing. You have to switch again the video to watch it again.

Android default youtube app dosen't offer us to watch youtube video on background and this same thing happens with youtube website as well, when user move to another app video will stop. Thanks to google play store who have app which has feature to watch youtube video on background. Supertube is a app which will help you to watch youtube videos while doing any other work. It provide you all youtube videos for watching. You may sign in with your youtube account.

Supertube app gives you 14 categories on their menu. You can create, manage and repeat playlists. Supertube gives you four type of video quality options, you can watch HD youtube videos as well. Moreover, you can view your youtube channels, subscriptions and comments. In this app, users can easily filter their video by time or view by count. You can also choose either dark or light theme. Another good feature is that you may change the width and height of your popup youtube video window as you want.


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