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Let's Connect With Google + Friends Through Gmail

Google decided to launch a new feature for their gmail and google + users. With this feature, you can send emails to peoples without knowing their email address. Google is trying to bring two services more closer. Google will connect your gmail account contacts to your google plus profile. Your name will pop up on recipient 'To' field.

The downside is that completely strangers can email you easily. It may be good for spammers or scammers. When this feature is available for you, google will send you an email and new settings. Though, the settings is not live for every users yet. The new setting let you control on four choices 'Anyone on Google +','Extended circles','Circle'and 'No one'. The default first option means anyone send you emails, even who dosen't know your email address. The second one is 'Extended circles' it means your 'friends of friends' can email you and with third option letting your google + friends can connect with you. You may choose fourth option for 'No one' to totally prevent from spammers. Don't worry your email address will not shown to other person unless you send him an email.

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