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Microsoft Leaving Its Old Version Of Skype

According to the recent microsoft blog post, microsoft decided to retire its previous version of skype. This update will be applied for both Windows and Mac Skype users. Skype will dosen't provide support to those version that are lower then 6.13 (for windows) and 6.14 (for mac). This decision will force users to upgrade their skype to the next level and get extra advantages available in Skype.

People will be able to get the features such as read/unread messages status, comple chat history across multiple devices and send/receive messages even when your contacts are offline. If you are still using old version of skype then update it on this download link. In this link you will find Skype for both Windows and Mac users. After installing it, follow the set up instructions and sign in with your account.

Via :- Making Way for the Next Generation of Skype on Desktop


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