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Homey let you control on your house with your voice

A project started on Kickstarter by two persons called Homey that help you to control on all your home gadgets by mobile application or voice. You just have to seat on your chair and give the command to homey and it will do that thing for you. It is able to control digital things such as Light, Tvs, Music players, Smart Refrigerators and compaitable with many other electronic thing on your house. It can quickly connects with your online account and entertainment systems.

Homey has 8 radio modules that accessible through their Javascript API which are :- Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, ZigBee, Z-Wave, 433.92 MHz, nrf24l01+, Infrared. These modules are prefarable to easily connect with any electronic gadget. Along with english language, it also supported Dutch, Spanish and French and more will be come in upcoming upgrades. Homey modules works on various frequencies and protocols. It can supports multiple devices at once and also recognize the previously used gadget.

Its all radio modules is intelligently connected with Raspberry Pi Compute that operate a custom software which created by its own startup. The official kickstarter project said that homey can do many other things for you like if you go to the market and then your smart fridge is able to send shopping list to you. You can also order to your oven to get switch on and heating your pizza. There are much more things that Homey can control. This project already pleged €129,726 and its goal was €100,000 but you may pledge your money and read more about homey on the kickstarter site


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