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Skype reached the milestone of 2,000,000 users

Yesterday skype announced that there are 2 million people around the world who successfully connected to its service. They are happy that people using their service for share stories and talk on skype. Skype said that they continuously trying to improve the service for people better experience. Lets see what skype said about it

With over two million users registered, you can also count on the Skype Community for help with any technical hiccups you might encounter. No matter how small the issue, chances are you’ll find someone who has had a similar experience. We’re especially grateful to our Community Ambassadors like Hideo , who answer a huge amount of questions each month. We also gather feedback from the Community on information we provide online about Skype and use that feedback to close any gaps. A recent example is this guide to solving sign-in difficulties with Skype.

— On Big Blog by Matthew de Beer

You can also contribute to tweak the service, by joining the boards started by skype. There are are two types of boards is available which are :- Skype for Windows desktop and Skype for Windows Phone. You can give your suggestions and ideas there, so the skype developers reviewd it and expand there program in future.

Read full story on official blog :- The Skype Community Welcomes Its 2,000,000th User


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