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Now iOS Facebook App Users Watch And Spread Videos Easily

Recently facebook worked on its mobile app and added an awesome feature in iOS facebook messenger app, which lets you share videos to your friends and family members instantly. Couple of days ago, they introduced us with its new feature that help users to call their local contacts for free but this feature is only works over WiFi network.

Firstly if you are using old iOS Facebook app then update it to version 5.0 in app store. You will notice this new ability in app store under description of the app. After updating this app, you will see the welcome note in your screen that say "The New Messenger : Text anyone, even if you are not facebook friends" and then click on continue button. App also ask you to tell the phone number that may useful in future to doing free calls to your local contacts. After entering successfully in account, you have to click on the Messenger button that situated in bottom of your screen. Furthur you will be able to see all your started conversation. Open any of your conversation and click on video button that placed underneath of your message box. Hit on that button and it takes you to your phone library, select your video which you want to send to your friend. Moreover, user can also play the video right in the app. Apart from the video feature, Facebook also done some other changes in app. They placed everything in center and front of you, so user can easily and quickly share everything. They also paid attention to search feature, so people can find things smoothly. You can take your photo and share it instantly in one tap, without quitting the conversation. Facebook add up the shortcuts of stickers that means if someone send you a sticker, you can hold on it and get the whole pack.

Get your update here :- Facebook Messenger For iOS


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