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Linkedin Growing Rapidly Day By Day

Today Linkedin become an one of the professional social networking website. According to the official blog, Linkedin has more than 100 million fans in U.S. They reached milestone of 300 Million users around the world and said that most of the Linkedin traffic comes from different countries, not from U.S.They said that they trying to make better the experience of their website users. They will do some improvements in upcoming days. The mobile version of their website is not so good.
In anticipation of the mobile moment, two years ago, we started developing multiple LinkedIn mobile apps to fit the different needs of our diverse members. Each of these apps is customized and tailored to a member-specific use case. As we expand our mobile app portfolio, such as our new SlideShare app , we’re also focused on bringing on top-notch partnerships with companies like Apple, Nokia, Samsung and others. You’ll see more strategic pairings throughout the course of this year.

— Deep Nishar, Linkedin blog
Linkedin team also trying to focus on its mobile version. Most of the users visit linkedin with their mobile device. Linkedin said that average of 15 million profile views, 1.45 million job views and more than 40,000 job application comes from mobile every day. Hope we will see some changes on rising days. Lets see what happening next.

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