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How To Check If An Email Address Is Exist Or Not

If you are an email marketer, website owner, forum owner, promoter or working in call centers then you must have to send hundreds of messages to people daily. First of all, you should have to know the right email address of the person and then validity or Existing. This thing help you to prevent from spam and also reduce your email bouncing rate. However, you can easily check online If an email address of a person is valid or not.

Google is all over the web, so mostly people are currently feeling safe with Gmail and connected with it. You can easily get the vaildity of any gmail account by using this recovery page. Basically google created this page for those users who either lose their account or somebody hacked it, but it also works in another way. Firstly you have to tick on ' I don't know my password' button and then fill that email address which you would like to verify. If the email you fill is valid, then it process you further. Otherwise it show you 'No account with that email address'.

You can do this similar technique for yahoo and microsoft accounts. Yahoo users can use this yahoo account recovery page and microsoft users can visit this reset password page to find out the email address validity. So this is the way to get right email address of some well-known tursted email providers. For more and more options, I have listed below few websites which will do same work for you. Lets take a look

1. Email validator :- This is a free and simple service for checking real email address faster. Its motto to clean your email lists from invalid and outdated email addresses and focus on real people. For checking, Put the email address in blank field which you want to check and click on validate button. It will show you results in few seconds whether the email is valid or not.

2. Email checker :- Email checker is a well known and high ranked service on google search engine. For results, just fill the email address and click on check button. Apart from vaildation, you can get the info of email address by click on right side placed info button. You can also export the info in different file formats.

3. Verify email address :- Verify email address is on web since 2010 and recommended by many authorities. This is a secure, free and reliable service. But if you need to verify lots of email address in one time then you have to choose its bulk plan. For more information about bulk plan you can visit this bulk plan page


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