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Lets Everyone Take Advantage Of Internet

An american company called Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) are looking for provide free internet to whole world. They are planning for creating an "Outernet" in outer space. They supply free internet to all through these outernet satellites. According to MDIF, their motto is to provide internet to peoples without any interruption and censorship.

After the launching of satellites, they will create a group of these satellites in outer space. After that, thousand of bases will transfar data to these satellites and people will easily able run internet to their mobile devices and desktops. Company said that there are 40 percent people in the world who are not able to run internet because of living in rural areas and remote regions. One more reason behind this project is that the prizes of mobile devices decreasing day by day and the internet data pack is still expensive. So it might help those people who are not having sufficient amount for paying internet packs. Due to free internet it also help us to built the globel notification sytem during emergencies and natural disasters.

You can also contribute on this project by paying any willing amount. You can get more information about outernet on their offical website :- Outernet


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