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How To Share Files Between iPhone Devices

iPhone couldn't provide facility to their users to share text and links. Users couldn't able to even copy - paste text to their own devices. So what to do ? There is a easy solution to share files among iphone devices. Belt.io helps you to copy- paste text and links between your devices.

Not only iPhone users take advantage of this, this app is also available for android devices. You have to sign up for an account to use it. It comes with both firefox and google chrome extensions, as well as ios and android apps. Either you sign in or download the app, you are ready to share text and links between devices

Belt.io automatically recognize copy items from your device clipboard. After writing the text or pasting the link, you just have to click on plus button and text will distribute with other devices. It quite similar to clipbord but have more feautres then that. Note that you can only share things with other persons devices if they have an account on belt.io or they installed belt.io app on their devices.

Moreover, belt.io can easily share snipptes with your friends by clicking on friend icon button. You have to type your friend email address to send them a request. After approval, you can share links with each other. Belt.io automatically syc text, emails and links from your devices. Overall, it is an excellent app for sharing purpose.


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