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How To Protect Your Passwords In Public Computers

You must have access internet on cafes and public computers for checking emails or for any other work. These cafes are very useful for travellers and for those who have'nt computers. But if you ever think this might be a trap to get your passwords ? Couple of days ago I was travelling and i have to check my urgent emails.

I went to a cafe and i found that there is a keylogger software installed in computer, and there is a large number of files inside it. When i open the files, it shows some emails and passwords. I just shut down the pc and leave the cafe. I was lucky who would not become the victim of this software. Lets see how you can secure your passwords.

Firstly always keep an eye on surroundings who obeserve your computer screen or keyboard. Before using any browser properly check its settings, block all cookies, disable its loging information and block all pop ups. Always keep your password lenghty and strong. You should use unwanted characters which is difficult to guess, Like 99$oçiety2009. Don't use your nick name or friend name. Apart from this, there is a solution to confuse keyloggers.

Suppose your email id is rickybell1994@gmail.com and consider your password 99$oçiety2009. Now when you log in your id then keylogger software store your details like below example.


But don't worry you can easily fool the keyloggers. Actually keylogger just record everything you type. It does'nt know what the person type or where it type. You have to just type wrong words in your password box then delete it and again you type something in your address bar then delete it. Now enter your correct password and login. This thing confuse the keylogger software. You may see this example for better understanding

Your username :- rickybell1994

Your real password :- 99$oçiety2009

All words you type everywhere is shown to keylogger software :- 99hrrj$oçietyhrh2009jr&,hxn

I prefer you to choose gmail account for your internet work because gmail provides you 2 step verification feature. This two step verification keep your account safe and secure. You have to enter your mobile number and apply for this feature. It will verify your account by sending you confirmation code. After verification, your gmail account is connected with your mobile phone. Now when you login into your account it will send a six digit code on your mobile phone and you have to enter the code to access the account.


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