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Top Three Sites Similar To Gmail

Gmail is an one of the most popular free email service, we all are familiar with it. Gmail is an user friendly service and has lots of nice features but one more reason to connecting with this service isthat it's owned by google so mostly people feels safe with it. However, some users thinks that its not a perfect service. Google should have to do some changes with it. There are many email providers services on web which probably helps you to do something new with your account. If you are looking for more and more options then check out some services which are listed below.

Outlook :- Outlook is a well-featured email service run by Microsoft. In 2013, microsoft replaced hotmail with outlook.com. According to recent survey it has more than 400 million users. Outlook comes with more than 30 different languages. It doesn't has any storage limitations so you can store unlimited emails on your account. Outlook has features like message filter, auto-completion of contact addresses while composing, import and export of contacts as csv files,spam and virus scaning. Outlook is a partner of various different services like likedin, youtube, flickr. If some send you youtube video link or flickr photo link, you can view it by a click without moving from your outlook account. Moreover, you can accept your facebook friend request or view updates of your friends without opening your facebook profile. You can also create an alias account by checking the settings of your account, this seperate email address is for your any other work. Outlook supports many keyboard shortcuts check it here

Yahoo Mail :- Yahoo mail is an one of the tough opponent of gmail. It is launched by the American comapny Yahoo! on October 8, 1997. Yahoo has beautiful and eye catching desgin for their users. Yahoo gives you unlimited storage so you can save photos, attachments, text as many as you want. Furthurmore, it filters your messages and prevent your account from spam and viruses. You can import or export your contects from yahoo to gmail, outlook, mail.com and more. It also runs perfectly on all android and ios devices. You can chat with your friends or receive and send messages using its messenger.

Mail.com :- Mail.com is a free email service launched in 1995 by the united internet company. It is an advertising-supported service comes with unlimited storage. User can choose of over 200 domains. Like above email services, it also protect you from harmful viruses and spams. You can generates more than 10 aliases, integrate your facebook account with your mail.com account. They also provide you 2GB online file storage for your extra stuff. You can send attachments up to 50 mb. Apart from that mail.com has user friendly interface, it has drag and drop feature for their clients. You can customize your inbox by choosing your favourite theme. Overall it is a proficient and preferable service.


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