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Create Temporary Email Address For Login Websites

Sometimes you want to visit a website but they ask you to registor an account or login. Mostly users not comfortable to share their email address to untrusted websites. There are many websites on internet who take advantage of peoples email address and passwords.

There is a solution to login or sign up on untrusted websites without giving them your personal email address. 10 minutes mail is a best solution which provide you a temporary email address for 10 minutes to login or sign up on websites. If your login or sign up process is not complete in 10 minutes period then you can also get more ten minutes by clicking 10 Minutes More button.

The first advantage of this email address is that you did'nt have to worry about your email address and second one is when you complete your sign up process on certain website then you get your confirmation code on your temporary email to confirm account.

So, technically your temporary email account will expire in short time but your website account will always on beacuse its confirmed. Daily more than 60 thousand peoples currently using this site to get temporary emails this proves that mostly people did'nt trust on websites. I prefer you to don't use temporary email for any personal use. I mostly use this temporay email address for sign up in forums, sign up in directories and promote my articles in social networking sites.

Also check out the alternatives of 10 minutes mail

These all following sites are similar to 10 minutes mail. They also provide you disposable random email address to avoid spam from your real email address.


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